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Lebanon Man Hospitalized after being Mauled in Dog Attack

Lebanon Man Mauled in Dog Attack

A Lebanon man ended up in the hospital after being viciously attacked by two dogs in Lebanon Memorial Park. The 71-year-old man was walking his Yorkshire terrier through the park when two boxers charged at him. The man, fearing for his small dog, picked his pet up to protect it from the crazed animals.

Despite the man’s best efforts, the boxers tore the terrier from his arms. The tiny dog was killed, and the boxers quickly turned their attention to the 71-year-old.

Dogs Attack Lebanon ManThe boxers attacked the man, dragging him to the ground and ripping at his arms and legs. The man attempted to fight the animals off by kicking them, but they were relentless. When an officer arrived the dogs were still attempting to maul the man.

The officer called to the dogs to get their attention away from their victim. It worked, and the boxers rushed at the policeman. The officer shot one of the dogs, killing it, and scaring the other away. He referred to the dog attack as “…definitely the worst one that I can remember in Memorial Park… probably one of the worst ones I have seen in my career.”

The dogs had escaped their Lebanon residence on Grant Street where they had apparently gotten free from the person who was watching them. He eventually showed up at the park, looking for the runaway dogs, and was able to get the second boxer under control.

The two dogs were not current on their vaccines. The surviving dog was taken to a veterinarian for observation, while the corpse of the deceased dog will also be tested for rabies.

The dogs’ owner was charged with two counts of harboring a non-immunized dog.

Responsibilities of Dog Owners in Indiana

In Indiana, dog owners have the responsibility to keep their pets from roaming freely. They can be held liable if their pets attack, even if they’re unaware of their dog’s dangerous nature. If state or federal workers, like mailmen, are attacked by pets while performing their jobs, the dog owners are responsible for the person’s injuries.

Indianapolis Dog Bite Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a Indianapolis dog bite or attack, contact the Ken Nunn Law Office. You can get free, no obligation legal advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer. Attorney Ken Nunn proudly fights for the people of Indiana who have been injured due to the fault of someone else.

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