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Dangerous Conditions at Local Factory

Profits are understandably important to most businesses.  It’s what keeps the doors open and what keeps the employees fed.   But in the pursuit of maximum profits, some companies cut corners and sometimes that means putting their employees’ safety at risk.  As personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis, we know that it happens far too often, and it’s something that should never be tolerated.

A glass factory in Shelbyville has repeatedly been cited for safety issues, and now it seems that those issues have caught up with them.  They’ll be paying a record-setting $495,500 in fines, the largest ever levied by the Indiana OSHA (IOSHA).  The fines will be paired with new mandatory safety regulations that should curb the company’s bad behavior.

It all stems from the tragic death of a worker at the factory in 2010.  Following that tragedy, OSHA found many safety issues that they asked the company to fix ranging from equipment without proper warnings and safety guards to poor employee training.  Follow-up inspections in 2012, however, revealed that those violations had not yet been addressed.  To make matters worse, yet another employee was seriously injured in late 2012.

The company has until the end of 2014 to correct all the mistakes or face even steeper punishments.   The company has claimed that they intend to fully cooperate.  They say they share a common goal with IOSHA, but only time will tell if they keep that promise or if they will continue to put workers in harm’s way.

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