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Ken Nunn Law Office Featured in 2012 Indiana’s Top Rated Lawyers

Ken Nunn Law Office Featured in the 2012 Edition of Indiana’s Top Rated Lawyers

Indiana’s Top Rated Lawyers, the ‘definitive guide to legal representation in Indiana’, has released its 2012 Edition, and the Ken Nunn Law Office is proud to be featured on the cover. The publication also contains an in-depth write-up for Ken Nunn titled ‘Memories of the Past Humble Success.’ It gave Ken the opportunity to put his successful, 44 year career as a personal injury attorney into context against his humble beginnings.

The Ken Nunn Law Office has gained nationwide recognition for several recent successful cases. In a recent case, Nunn’s team recovered $3.5 million after a truck accident left a young girl paralyzed. They won this settlement despite the insurance company claiming the girl’s mother was driving carelessly after they found the driver hadn’t attended safety training.

In 2009, Ken’s team filed a wrongful death lawsuit after a hunter was strangled when a flawed deer stand collapsed, leaving a wife without a husband and a child without a father. The jury awarded the year’s ninth largest settlement in the nation — $157 million.

This year, Mike Phelps, an attorney at Nunn’s Law Office, settled one of the largest recoveries of the year. He won $8 million for a man who had several fingers amputated in a work accident after getting his hand caught in what was found to be faulty equipment on a cardboard production line.

After 44 years as an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer, Ken Nunn now has a team of 11 attorneys, with 6 investigators, and nearly 65 support staff. They’ve represented more than 23,000 clients in injury and wrongful death cases, and for the past 11 years the Ken Nunn Law Office has handled more jury trials than any other law firm in the state of Indiana.

But it was how his career began that makes Ken Nunn fight so hard for his clients. He remembers his own car accident at age 17. He remembers what it feels like to be a victim, scared of not having the money to pay your bills and being weary of lawyers. He hasn’t lost sight of what it feels like to have no one to turn to, and it’s helped him to treat each and every case with care and compassion.

Nunn’s office takes pride in taking on cases that other lawyers pass on. Even if the case doesn’t recover millions or hundreds of thousands, Ken Nunn’s biggest compensation comes from knowing he’s taken away some of his client’s stress, helping them rest at night knowing they won’t be burdened by overwhelming medical bills and financial debts.

Read the full article and learn more about Personal Injury Attorney Ken Nunn.

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