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Ken Nunn Donates Trauma Packs to Bloomington Police


City of Bloomington
Police Department



October 18, 2013

For more information, please contact: Captain Joe Qualters

Bloomington Police Department

(812) 349-3317


Bloomington Attorney Ken Nunn has donated over one hundred twenty-five (125) medical trauma packs to the Bloomington Police Department for use by officers in emergency situations. Other area law enforcement agencies also received the trauma packs with the total number of trauma packs donated exceeding four hundred twenty-five (425).

The Patrol Trauma Pak contains a tourniquet, wound packing gauze and chest seals. The Patrol Trauma Pak can be used by officers to treat themselves or to treat another officer who may be suffering from any type of penetration wound such as those from a gunshot, a knife or injuries from a blast. The Patrol Trauma Pak is typically carried in an officer’s ballistic vest for immediate access when emergencies occur in the field and where their use may stop or slow excessive blood loss from injuries.

Mr. Nunn’s donation allows for each officer on the Department to carry a Patrol Trauma Pak on their person. The Department’s Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) will also include the packs as part of their available equipment when they are called out.

Of his donation to the Bloomington Police Department Mr. Nunn said, “I have the utmost respect for our police officers. They put their lives on the line every day. It was my honor to purchase the trauma packs for emergency treatment. It is my hope these trauma packs save lives.”

Chief Michael Diekhoff responded by saying, “We greatly appreciate the donation of these potentially lifesaving packs by Mr. Nunn and thank him for the support it demonstrates for our officers.”

The use of trauma packs by law enforcement has evolved from their use in the field by the military in combat situations. The lives of many soldiers have been saved once Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) became part of training for military personnel. Similar training has already been provided to personnel of the Bloomington Police Department to teach how and when to effectively use the trauma packs. The Patrol Trauma Paks are currently being assembled by the distributor and are expected to be delivered by mid-November. Once delivered, they will be provided to officers for immediate availability.

“Supporting the law enforcement officers who work hard to protect our citizens is essential to the city’s ongoing safety,” Mayor Kruzan said. “We are excited to have completed training Bloomington police officers in Tactical Combat Casualty Care and are confident that the knowledge of these skills will be a vital contributor to their safety on the job and citizens safety in the community. We are also thankful for Ken Nunn’s contribution that provides the tools for this training to be utilized in the event it becomes necessary.”

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