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Is Your Child’s School Bus Safe? Find Out Now!

School Bus Safety Concerns | Injury Accident Attorneys Indianapolis

We’re no strangers to the harm that can come from serious safety issues on school buses. We’ve long been advocating for greater safety standards that would keep our children safe as they head off to and return from school. Well, WTHR Channel 13 has done their own investigation into the dangers on school buses and what they found is quite shocking.

Bus accident injures several students.

They found that thousands of school buses in Indiana are on the road with serious safety violations. They conducted a three-month investigation which found that more and more school buses are being cited for serious safety issues. These problems include ‘dangerous brakes, bad tires, exhaust leaks that could make kids sick and oil and fluid leaks that can cause a bus engine to catch on fire.’ They even found that 2,000 Indiana school buses had already been pulled off the road in the past year for safety violations.

Channel 13 put together a pretty amazing resource where you can check the track record of the school buses used in the districts where your children attend. This link will take you to the map. There you can click on your county and narrow it down further to each school district. Then you can find out the total number of buses in that district, the percentage of those buses that are approved, the percentage that have been ordered to be repaired, and the percentage that are out of order completely.

The resource goes even further and you can click on individual buses. Doing so will bring up a detailed report on the status of that particular bus and if any repairs have been ordered. It will also tell you the nature of those repairs. Now every parent can educate themselves of any issues the bus that transports their children may have. The work Channel 13 did is certainly commendable, and will hopefully shed light on any problems that could put our precious children in danger.

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