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Is a Lack of Inspections Leading to More Truck Accidents?

Is a Lack of Inspections Leading to More Truck Accidents? | Truck Accident Lawyers Indianapolis

In the state of Indiana there are currently seventy-two troopers and inspectors that are responsible for inspecting big trucks and making sure they are safe to be on the road. That number has decreased over the years due to budget constraints. Now the numbers work out to where there’s about one inspector for about every 13,000 semi-trucks. Is that enough? For an Indianapolis woman who lost her husband in an Indianapolis big truck accident, it definitely isn’t.

Last summer her husband ran out of gas along Interstate 70. He moved his truck to the shoulder and attempted to put a bit more fuel in his tank. A tractor trailer drifted onto the shoulder and struck the man. The man was killed on impact, but the truck driver didn’t even slow down. He kept driving and is yet to be caught. “They didn’t stop… They didn’t do anything,” said the man’s widow.

An Indianapolis woman is seeking justice after a deadly hit-and-run.She’s not only seeking justice, she wants an overall increase in road safety. How could a truck inspector not notice that the big rig was damaged in a hit-and-run? Because if it was noticed, no one is speaking up. The more likely scenario is that inspectors are spread so thin that there was never another set of eyes on the truck at all, making it easier for the driver to get away with the crime.

While the woman waits, hoping that the truck driver that killed her husband will come forward, she has words of advice for all Indiana motorists. “Be cautious… It’s a life changing situation when you can just slow down, or pay attention. Something in the blink of an eye can cost someone their life.”

Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers

An experienced Indianapolis accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve after you or a loved one have been injured in big truck accident. The Ken Nunn Law Office has been settling truck accident claims in Indianapolis for more than 45 years. They know the tactics big insurance companies use to pay you as little as possible and have a proven track record in successfully fighting back to win cases.

But don’t wait. Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office and let us get started on your truck accident claim today. The initial consultation is free and we never see a dime until you do.

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