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Interstate 69 Proves Deadly Between Madison and Delaware Counties

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Can a certain stretch of road be more dangerous than another?  Well, in the case of I-69, there certainly seems to be a stretch that is far more deadly than others.  The numbers of fatal accidents on Interstate 69 between Madison and Delaware Counties has been increasing.  In fact, five people have died on that bit of Interstate 69 since May alone.  So is it becoming more dangerous?

There have been a number of construction projects in the area which may be a factor.  Add to that a steady increase in traffic, and you have a real problem.  I-69 is one of the most traveled highways in the state.  According to the transportation planning supervisor of the Madison County Council of Governments, “We see increases and decreases along seasonal lines, but the trend you see is that the road is very heavily traveled from Indianapolis to Muncie. And the numbers are increasing,”

This strain is making it harder for local police to properly monitor traffic and respond to emergencies.  According to an Indiana state trooper, “I don’t think they’re getting more aggressive. The road can just get really congested… It’s safe. You just have people not paying attention. There are slow downs for construction zones, and people get distracted with their phones and radios. It leads to a lot of secondary crashes.”

There are precautions being taken, and as accident lawyers in Indianapolis we’re glad to hear it.  New lighting will be installed as well as crash cables for the median.  Also, the thoroughfare will eventually be widened from four to six lanes.

Need the Help of a Delaware County Accident Lawyer?

While it’s true that a stretch of road might be more dangerous than another, there is never an excuse for negligence.  Reckless and careless drivers are the real problem on our roads, but the Ken Nunn Law Office can help if they’ve hurt you or someone you love.  Contact our Delaware County accident attorneys right away to put us on your side.

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