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Indy Woman Unlucky Victim in Two Weather-Related Wrecks

Icy roads have been causing lots of problems in the greater Indianapolis area and across the nation. The polar vortex has dissipated for the time being and frigid temperatures became a little more bearable in many parts of the country. However, serious accidents continue to take place throughout Indiana, including a recent pair of wrecks on I-465.

The accidents take on a new level of misfortune when you learn that both collisions involved the same vehicle.  A young woman was on her way back from grocery shopping when her car got hung up in a snow pile on Interstate 465 near Rockville Road.  She did the right thing by calling AAA to assist her, but nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen.

A pickup truck braked but couldn’t stop in the icy conditions and slammed into the woman’s car.  The impact sent her and the car into the middle of the interstate where things got worse.  Her car was then struck by a semi-truck with enough force to flip the tractor-trailer onto its side.

Miraculously the woman survived the two violent collisions and was rushed to a local hospital.  She’s in fair condition but not out of the woods yet.  She hit her head in the accidents and suffered a brain injury that formed a blood clot requiring close monitoring by doctors.  We hope she has a speedy recovery.

Indianapolis Auto Accident Attorneys

Poor weather conditions do not excuse a vehicle driver from not being able to avoid an accident.  When icy conditions exist, you have to drive more carefully and give yourself additional time and distance to slow down.   Not doing so is negligent and can lead to a wreck. If you’ve been injured in an Indianapolis auto accident caused by a negligent driver, the Ken Nunn Law Office can help.

Let us help you and your family file an auto accident injury claim because you could be entitled to compensation.  So if you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, contact the Indianapolis auto accident lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office right away.

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