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The Dangers of Exit Ramp Semi Truck Accidents

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, interstate entry and exit ramps are the site of more accidents per mile driven than any other segment of interstate roadways. These accidents can be serious enough whenever they involve passenger automobiles, but when a semi truck is involved, they are even more serious. Here are some common causes of tractor-trailer accidents on freeway ramps the Indianapolis truck accident lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Firm see most often.

Entering the freeway via an on ramp involves careful maneuvering, and is sometimes contingent upon others allowing people to merge. As a result, whenever truckers fail to allow other motorists to enter the freeway, an accident can easily ensue. Some truck drivers simply refuse to merge to a left hand lane whenever it is clearly safe to do so, while others will actually change lanes right into the path of oncoming traffic.

Some entry or exit ramps begin as two or more lanes, but then narrow into a single one. These types of ramps are especially dangerous, as unsafe lane changes within them can sometimes result in an accident. Although truckers are well aware that they need more time to change lanes, they may not try to do so as soon as they realize this is required. This in turn can cause them to cut people off or even sideswipe them because they haven’t allowed enough room to maneuver.

Truck drivers sometimes fail to stop properly whenever they are exiting the freeway. This can cause them to plow into oncoming traffic or collide with other vehicles that are also exiting. Taking an exit ramp too quickly can also spell disaster, especially whenever it contains sharp curves. Trucks that are traveling too fast for conditions are more likely to turn over, lose their loads, or jackknife.

On and off-ramp accidents can result in devastating injuries that could affect a victim for quite some time. If you have been injured in an accident involving a big truck on a freeway entry or exit ramp,contact us to find out if relief is available.

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