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Truck Accident Lawyers: The Bigger the Cargo the Bigger the Mess

Indianapolis truck accident lawyers fight for injured victims

Big trucks are responsible for a lot of the hazards found on our roads.  We’re not just talking about the trucks themselves, which pose a very real threat, but also their cargo.  Sometimes a semi-truck wrecks and spills its load, creating major hazards and tying up traffic.  Sometimes their load isn’t properly restrained and falls onto the road during transit.  Sometimes one of their many tires blowout completely, leaving chunks of rubber strewn across the highway.  There is a lot of debris that is associated with big trucks, but folks in Porter County saw quite an unusual site last week.

While driving along where State Road 49 meets Interstate 94, they found a house in the middle of the road — an actual 40,000 pound home, blocking the ramp.  The double-wide mobile home was being transported from Indiana to Iowa when the tractor-trailer pulling it apparently took a turn too sharply.  The house shifted and the bolts holding it down snapped.  The house toppled off the flatbed and onto the ramp.   Northbound SR 49 and I-94 westbound were closed for hours while crews worked to clean up the mess.

It definitely seems like there may have been a bit of driver error involved in the truck accident.  The driver was cited for having inoperable trailer brakes.  As Indianapolis truck accident lawyers, we know that’s an oversight that could have ultimately had a much worse conclusion.

Need Help From an Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney?

Big trucks can lead to big accidents, and when you’re the one affected, you’ll want to know that someone is on your side.  The Ken Nunn Law Office has been fighting back against negligent truck drivers for decades, and if you’ve been hurt in a big truck accident, we can fight for you, too.

We make filing a claim easy because our Indianapolis truck accident lawyers handle all the details.  All you have to do is contact us today, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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