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Truck Accident Lawyers Give You Important Tips When Filing a Case

Indianapolis Truck Accident

Indianapolis truck accident lawyers have found more than a thousand truck-related accidents in the city last year. And of that, only a handful of injury cases are brought to court because of the difficulty of filing a claim. So, if you are involved in such an accident keep in mind that an experienced personal injury lawyer can often get your case settled without you ever having to go to court.

Indianapolis Truck AccidentUnderstanding truck accidents laws

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to filing truck accident claimss is to treat them in the same manner as regular vehicle accident cases. However, as trucks are listed as an entirely different class of motor vehicles, there is in fact a separate set of federal laws governing them. In particular, trucks are highly regulated when travelling on express lanes, as their bigger mass and load carries significantly cause more danger to motorists.

As such, when it comes to accidents involving trucks, a greater deal of investigation is conducted in order to determine the cause of the incident. For instance, as trucks are subject to greater stress when being driven, mechanical issues are often the first point of interest. Court investigators would also browse through the trucking company’s maintenance records in order to see possible discrepancies that could have led to the incident.

Filing an accident claim

One thing that many Indianapolis truck accident lawyers will tell you when filing a case is to get as much of the specifics as possible. These can include the license plate numbers of the vehicles involved, the drivers’ names, the name of the trucking company owning the truck, and contact information of any witnesses to the crash. If possible, take photos of the immediate aftermath of any damage to vehicles or property.

Legal Info also points out that you need to understand the particular liabilities that you face when filing your case. For instance, even if the truck was the one that hit your vehicle, the driver can’t be held liable if it is proven that the accident resulted partly from your own negligence. Such common negligence includes entering the lane provided for trucks without properly signalling and stopping at inappropriate sections of the road.

In case of any injuries sustained, you can file for medical compensation claims against the other party. Again, the chances of the claim winning will depend on the circumstances of the accident. Note that claim amounts will likely go down if it was proven that those injuries could have been avoided if you had followed safety precautions.

What now?

One thing about truck accident cases is that you could get a fairly sizable settlement to cover all the damages that have been incurred to you, as well as other parties that might have been involved in the incident. In fact, many of the trucking companies often opt for off-court settlements in order not to hamper their operations.

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