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Indianapolis SUV Rollover Accident Injures Two

Emergency sign at Indianapolis hospital

When we turned on the news earlier this week, our local NBC affiliate Channel 13, reported a rollover accident on the far east side of Indianapolis with both passengers of the single vehicle seriously injured. It saddens us to hear of these reports, as regardless of anything else; the lives of two people are tragically changed as a result.

According to preliminary reports the SUV driver lost control as the vehicle was traveling eastbound…the vehicle then crossed into the westbound lane and began to rollover several times. It Indianapolis hospital treats severe injuries after crashseems to be a miracle that other vehicles were not affected. Of course all SUV’s have the warning on their sun visors that remind drivers/owners that SUV’s have a much higher rollover risk; this is not a frivolous caution but rather a warning based in reality.

In the case of this Indianapolis SUV rollover, the male passenger had to be cut out of the mangled wreck, meaning that the impact of the rollovers were severe. We believe that almost all accidents are avoidable but that it takes the full participation of all drivers to facilitate this. We must accept the fact that when we begin driving, whether to work, vacation, or the store for a gallon of milk; we are entering one of the most dangerous parts of our day, and as a result we must accept that responsibility as if it were the most important thing we were doing. Failure to do so, unfortunately, regularly results in accidents, rollovers, and severe personal injuries on our Indiana roadways.

Whenever there are injuries resulting from car accidents in Indiana (or any other state) it is prudent to consult with a experienced Indiana injury attorney. There are many reasons for this, including: the very high costs of medical care, lost time from work, and possible causes of the accident that are not obvious. Among some of the ‘surprise’ causes of accidents we have seen on our Indianapolis roads are: driver fatigue, animals darting into the road, swerving to avoid a pedestrian, and the erratic driving of another vehicle. You see, many cases are not ‘cut and dry’, and deserve further investigation to ensure all parties are justly served.

Our prayers go out to these two injured parties and we hope that they are able to swiftly recover from their injuries. If you are injured in an automobile accident anywhere in the state of Indiana we urge you to consider calling the Law Offices of Ken Nunn, who is licensed throughout the entire state, for a free consultation, as you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost time from work, pain and suffering, and lost personal property.

We will fight for you. Please reach us at 1-800-CALL-KEN.

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