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Motorcycle Accident: Potholes May Have Caused Recent Accident

Road hazards pose greater threat to motorcyclists

Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyers warn riders to beware of road hazards.

Last week, construction crews were hard at work filling deep potholes throughout Indianapolis.  It may have been a little late, however, because some believe those potholes were the cause of a deadly motorcycle accident.  As accident lawyers in Indianapolis we know that it unfortunately doesn’t take much to send a motorcycle out of control.  A small piece of debris on the road or a pothole could have disastrous consequences, and last weekend it did.

A Marion County Deputy was killed when he lost control of his motorcycle on Acton Road.  That stretch of road has been a troublesome spot for quite a while, and many motorists have had their tires blown out as a result of run-ins with one of its many potholes.  It’s believed the deputy hit one of these holes and was thrown from his bike.  He wasn’t wearing a helmet and died from his injuries.

The day after the deputy was killed on the road, the city packed many of the holes with asphalt, but the Sheriff’s department is already admitting that acting on the poor road conditions sooner may have saved the man’s life.

Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyers on dangers of road hazardsActon Road may be one of the worst roads for potholes in Marion County, but it’s definitely not the only one, especially with the harsh winter we experienced.  The Indianapolis Department of Public Works is trying to fix the potholes, but it’s definitely an uphill climb.  Local officials are encouraging the public to call the city to alert them to potentially dangerous potholes before another tragedy occurs.

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Motorcycle riders are some of the most vulnerable people on our roads.  It’s why we have to do everything we can to watch out for them, or if you’re a rider, watch out for yourself.  Sometimes it’s not enough, so if you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, contact the Ken Nunn Law Office.

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