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Indianapolis Injury Lawyers: Tips For Safely Passing On A Two-Lane Road

Recently, a man died in a motorcycle accident when he crossed the center double yellow lines, trying to pass another motorcyclist. When coming around a curve, the man crashed into an SUV going the other direction. Passing another vehicle on a two-lane road, when it requires traveling into the lane of oncoming traffic can be a difficult endeavor. Here are some tips to make passing another vehicle a safer experience:

  • Make sure it is legal. If there is a solid yellow line on your side of the road, do not pass. Do not pass if there is a sign saying something such as, “No Passing Zone” or “Do Not Pass.” These are areas where it has been determined it is unsafe to pass. They may include curves, hills, or other areas with limited visibility.
  • When passing another vehicle, make sure you can complete your entire pass before entering an area where it is illegal to pass.
  • Even if it is legal to pass, if road conditions or weather conditions such as snow, fog, or heavy rain limits your visibility or otherwise makes it unsafe to pass another vehicle, do not attempt to pass another vehicle.
  • Make sure the road ahead is clear for you to pass. To pass another vehicle, you should be able to return to your own lane at least 100 feet before you encounter oncoming traffic.
  • You should also check behind you. If another vehicle is trying to pass you, allow that vehicle room to pass before you attempt your own pass. Even if another car is not yet trying to pass you but is quickly approaching, you should wait to pass. You want to give yourself room to return to your lane in case you are unable to safely pass the vehicle before oncoming traffic approaches.
  • When it doubt about the safety of passing any other vehicle, do not do it. Wait until it is safe.
  • Use your turn signal, both when starting to pass the other vehicle, and when reentering the appropriate lane.
  • If you are being passed, allow the other vehicle to safely pass you. Do not accelerate or otherwise make it difficult or dangerous for the other driver.

Unfortunately, not all drivers take the proper precautions on the road. If you are involved in a car accident, our Indianapolis injury lawyers will be there for you. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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