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Off-campus party ends in tragedy

In late August, a freshman at Indiana University died tragically during an off-campus party.  As reported in Business Insider, she fell down a flight of stairs at around one in the morning, and though other party-goers discovered her shortly after, no one notified the police until several hours later.  That same day, she was declared brain dead and in less than a day was removed from life support.

Although we aren’t privy to all the details of the accident, the information released to the media raises a number of questions that are relevant to similar situations.  These include the following:

  • If there was alcohol at the party, who was responsible for purchasing it and distributing it to individuals who are younger than the legal drinking age?
  • How did the victim come to suffer the accident? Was it due to another person’s negligent or malicious behavior?
  • Why did other people wait so long to report her accident to the police? Could the outcome of the accident not have been so tragic had police and emergency personnel been contacted immediately after she was found?
  • Who was ‘in charge’ during the party? And who owns the premises on which it was held?

When it comes to sustaining injuries on another person’s property, there are often many complex details to sort through, as one case isn’t exactly like another.  There may be several different kinds of failure in responsibility and good judgment; though an accident is sometimes purely an accident, in other cases it comes about from negligence, poor decisions, and preventable measures that were disregarded.  One also has to distinguish between legal and moral responsibility; for what actions can people actually be held accountable in court? Someone who fails to make the right choice in a situation isn’t always liable for the results of his or her decision.

Even if the injuries sustained during such an accident aren’t fatal, they may leave an individual with lifelong impairments and enormous medical bills.  If you find yourself struggling in the aftermath of such an accident, and wish to discuss the details with Indianapolis injury attorneys, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’ll advise you compassionately and help you sort through the complexities of any situation you’re involved in.

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