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Lawyers Look at Serious T-bone Crash Involving Indiana Legislator

Recently, Representative David Niezgodski of South Bend and his daughter experienced a serious car accident, when their vehicle was T-boned by an SUV in Indianapolis.

T-bones are a side-impact collision occurring when two vehicles crash at right angles.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, side-impact collisions account for roughly 25% of fatalities on the road.

What happens to legislator and his daughter? Fortunately, they didn’t die as a result of their injuries; however, they were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, after the Indianapolis Fire Department extracted them from their badly damaged vehicle.

Injuries resulting from the crash

The kinds of injuries they suffered are typical of serious car accidents.  Niezgodski suffered a broken rib.  The accident also exacerbated problems he’d been having with his neck.  His daughter suffered a concussion.  In addition to this injury, she also sustained soft tissue damage. This kind of damage, which can include serious sprains and contusions, often results in pain and swelling, and may also lead to impaired mobility and nerve damage.

As for the driver of the SUV, she was apparently uninjured as a result of the collision.

The legislator stated that he feels grateful for the work of first responders and hospital staff and for the fact that the injuries weren’t more serious.  Given the severity of the accident, and the fact that they were trapped in their vehicle, the outcome could indeed have been much worse.

However, they will still need to deal with follow-up medical check-ups and treatments, as well as the expenses of their hospitalization.  It will take them some time to recover and ease back into their normal day-to-day lives.

As experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyers, we regularly see these kinds of situations.  We know that even non-fatal crashes can lead to persistent medical problems, lost work, diminished quality of life, and steep financial losses. Sometimes a full recovery is possible, but other times people’s lives change drastically and will no longer resemble the way they were able to live prior to the crash.  When you discuss your accident with us, you’ll find us sensitive to your needs and capable of advocating for your best interests.

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