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Indianapolis car accident injuries – ambulance

Car accidents are messy. They’re more intricate than most people may realize. Far too many people walk away from a car accident with a settlement that doesn’t even come close to covering the real cost. Insurance companies representing negligent parties will try every trick in the book to whittle a money settlement down to a level that’s acceptable to their stockholders. And, plenty of people fall for it. If you have been in a car accident you want to be sure to retain Indianapolis accident lawyers who know how to investigate and analyze every aspect of your accident to be sure and hold all the responsible parties accountable.

Fighting insurance companies is only part of an experienced accident attorney’s job. They will use resources built up over the years of representing accident victims to deeply investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident to seek out mitigating factors that are often left out of police reports, or the findings of insurance adjusters. Everything is negotiable as long as a settlement hasn’t been signed. Your attorney can up the ante based on his findings and take the insurance company to task. No insurance company wants to go to court, especially against experienced Indianapolis accident lawyers – court battles cost lots of time and money.

Indianapolis car accident injuries - ambulanceIf you’ve experienced lasting physical injuries from a car accident it becomes even more imperative to be well represented. Even after an injury heals, the long term effects need to be considered and you should be entitled to the compensation required to deal with that eventuality. Your attorney is familiar with these kind of cases and has experts who can accurately define the parameters of what your injuries will require over time and the associated costs involved. You’re not going to get that benefit if you go unrepresented and simply accept a settlement from an insurance company who is just trying to get you to go away.

You didn’t ask to be in a car accident. You’re a victim and you must be fairly and adequately compensated for injuries to yourself and your property and the inconvenience it has caused and may continue to cause in your life.

To arm yourself with an attorney experienced in helping get accident victims made whole again, please contact us and we’ll get started fighting your case.

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