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Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Recent Vehicle Recalls

Recent GM Recalls

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It seems vehicle recalls are pretty common in the news these days. Most are relatively simple part replacements. However, the recent General Motors recall is catching a lot of attention since it affects over 10 million vehicles and the company allegedly knew about the problems for almost 10 years. So how does this and other recalls affect you?

GM Accountable for Accidents?

That’s what the Department of Justice, Congress and Federal auto regulators are debating. Because GM declared bankruptcy in 2009, the company is claiming they are not responsible for the recalled vehicles built before that year since they were manufactured by what they consider a different company. It’s hard to determine how many accidents or deaths were caused due to faulty vehicles since so much time has passed and victims were unaware of the problems with their cars at the time. Many of the vehicles are being recalled for an ignition switch problem or a wiring issue that could result in failure of the brake lamps, cruise control, traction control, electronic stability controls and panic braking assist operation. You don’t have to be an expert to realize these issues could cause serious accidents. The ignition switch problem has definitely been linked to 13 deaths. The wiring problem has been linked to 13 accidents, but no deaths. While GM issued a service bulletin to dealerships in 2008, the company did not recall any of the vehicles.

Lessons Learned for Motorists

Many families have come forward claiming their loved ones died in unexplained accidents over the last decade. However, digging up evidence of GM liability years later is challenging. As a result, families must live with the unanswered question of what really happened to their loved one. The Detroit News recently profiled several of these families.

Contact Our Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

If you or a family member is involved in a suspicious accident, especially if the vehicle involved has been the subject of investigation, it’s important to contact an attorney who will advocate on your behalf. Even with incriminating evidence readily available, GM is trying to dodge liability through a loop hole. Corporations will use all legal means to deny liability or provide minimal compensation. Put our Indianapolis car accident lawyers on your side. Contact us for a consultation if you suspect your accident, or that of a loved one, was due to vehicle error.

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