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Auto Accident Lawyers Urge Drivers to Use Caution this Summer

Indianapolis car wreck

In the State of Indiana alone, roughly 40,000 people are caught driving under the influence each year. Nationwide figures are understandably much higher than that. The nationwide figures indicate that there are approximately 10,000 fatalities and 270,000+ injuries each year attributed to drunk driving. A substantial amount of those incidents tend to take place during the holidays. The Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends are said to be two of the worst ones.

With that in mind, our Indianapolis auto accident lawyers would like to remind fellow Hoosiers to remain safe over the summer holidays. The best way for Indiana residents to do that is to remain sober and aware of other drivers. All it takes is a .08% blood alcohol content to be at the legal limit in our great state. Depending on other factors, significant impairment may occur prior to reaching that BAC level. Those factors include, but are not limited to medication use, existing health conditions and age.

According to the CDC’s data, a BAC of .02% is enough to cause a reduction in your vision and attention. By the time you reach a BAC of .05%, you’re said to have slowed reaction times. After that, the alcohol starts to impair your cognitive abilities. It is also important to mention that NHTSA researchers examined Indiana’s drunk driving related, fatal accidents from 2007 to 2011. They found that most Hoosiers involved in the incidents had a BAC that was .08% or significantly higher. Many of those Indiana auto accidents occurred between the hours of 1 p.m. and 3 a.m.

Even when the utmost of caution is used, Indianapolis auto accidents can still occur over the summer holidays. If they do, contact the Ken Nunn Law Office. Our Indianapolis auto accident lawyers have over four decades of experience fighting for injured Indiana residents. In addition, there is no cost involved unless we successfully settle your Indianapolis auto accident case.

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