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Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyers Offer Tips For Avoiding A Head-on Collision

A local woman ended up on life-support after being involved in a head-on collision on U.S. 40. The other driver, who crossed the center line, was also hospitalized after the accident. While head-on crashes account for only a small percentage of motor vehicle accidents, those involved in a crash are more likely to be severely injured in a head-on collision than in other types of vehicle crashes. Because of that, our Indianapolis auto accident lawyers would like to provide tips for avoiding a head-on collision.

  • If you see a vehicle coming at you, slow down and be prepared to stop or move out of the way if the driver does not return to the correct lane.
  • Honking your horn or flashing your headlights may alert the oncoming driver of your presence, especially if the driver is distracted or tired. Making the driver aware that you are there may cause the person to drive back into the correct lane, thus helping you to avoid a wreck.
  • Swerve to the right. Never swerve to the left. Avoid going completely off the road if possible.
  • It is better to go off the road than to hit another vehicle head-on, especially if your vehicles are traveling at highway speeds.
  • If you must hit an object, aim for something stationary rather than the other vehicle. When possible, do not hit the object directly on. Instead, try to hit the object with the side of your vehicle so the impact will not be as bad.
  • If you cannot avoid a collision with the other vehicle, try to sideswipe the other vehicle rather than have a direct hit.
  • Be extra careful when going into oncoming traffic’s lane to pass another vehicle. Before starting to pass the vehicle, make sure you can safely complete your pass before oncoming traffic arrives. If in doubt, wait.

If you have been hit by another vehicle and suffered vehicle damage or bodily injury due to the collision, contact us.

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