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Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyers: Baby Survives Crash Thanks to Amazing Emergency Responders

Baby’s life saved after rear end car wreck

As Indianapolis auto accident lawyers we know there are a lot of people that make a big difference after a serious car accident.  There are the police officers, firefighters, and EMTs that immediately arrive on the scene, and soon after there are the doctors and nurses that are there to help those that have been injured.    They all work together to make a horrible situation have the best outcome possible.

It was the dedicated work of these men and women that kept a recent tragedy from being much worse.  A pregnant woman and her husband were driving along Indiana 32 when they were struck from behind by another vehicle.  The collision sent them out of control and they went off the road.  The pregnant woman’s husband was killed, and she was badly injured.  The baby’s future was uncertain as well.

Emergency crews rushed the woman to a nearby hospital where she was cared for by some of the best doctors in the state.  Despite the woman’s condition, they delivered the baby, and just last week, mother and child were finally united.

Friends and family have described the baby’s survival as a miracle.  Members of the church the mother attended have rallied around her to help take care of the baby through her long recovery.  As auto accident lawyers in Indianapolis, we recognize that the entire community is doing everything they can to make something positive come out of this horrible tragedy.

As far as the vehicle that struck them, it was actually an off-duty police officer who is now facing charges of driving while intoxicated.  Indianapolis auto accident lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office

Need an Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyer?

Tragedies like these break our hearts.  It’s why we fight so hard for victims of negligent drivers.  If you or someone you love have been hurt in an Indianapolis auto accident, let the Ken Nunn Law Office help.  Just contact our Indianapolis auto accident lawyers today to find out how.

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