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Hurt In Any Accident?

Accident Lawyers See Differently Than the Insurance Company

Car accident with injuries

Indianapolis accident lawyers fight the insurance companies for the true value of your claim.

There are many different viewpoints in the wake of an accident, but the only one you need to be concerned with is the right one – your own. And Indianapolis accident lawyers are the ones who can make your voice be heard the loudest. No car, truck or any other accident for that matter is the same, and when you have been the victim of any accident caused by the negligence of a third party, you should consider partnering with an attorney who knows the nuances involved in finding out exactly who is responsible and what is owed for your property loss, injuries, loss of work and future limitations.

The viewpoint of the negligent party’s insurance company is going to be diametrically opposed to that of you and your accident attorney. The insurance company is going to try as hard as possible to mitigate any financial burden on their behalf and the behalf of the owners of their company. They’re hoping to get to you before you “lawyer-up”, so they can make an offer that is beneficial to them, but in most cases nowhere near beneficial to you. They play a numbers game wherein they do the best to hedge any settlement you may be able to effect by hiring an experienced accident attorney. Insurance companies will tell you they have “experts” who have determined that the amount they are willing to offer you is fair and any further debate would be fruitless. That’s just not true, what is true is that those experts are far more loyal to the insurance company that employs them than to you.

Indianapolis-accident-lawyers-fight-insurance-companiesYour Indianapolis accident lawyers are not just experienced in the applicable law, they are also experienced in the art of the settlement. You will have your own experts thanks to your attorney’s years of affiliations with investigators and other professionals who know exactly how to dissect your case to quantify the real financial amounts you are entitled to due to the negligence of the responsible parties. You may find out there are additional responsible parties after your case has been thoroughly investigated. This happens quite often, but if you go through the settlement process alone – you may never know that.

Don’t Sign Anything Until You Talk To Our Indianapolis Accident Lawyers!

One thing you should never do is consider an insurance company settlement before you consult an attorney. You can be assured the insurance company will work hard to convince you the deal you’re getting is amazing. It’s not.

If you’ve been in an accident, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your specific case.

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