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Hurt In Any Accident?

Indianapolis accident lawyers look at recent fatal crash on the Eastside

motorcycle wreck

recent motorcycle wreck on the Eastside of Indianapolis cost two people their lives and sent another person to the hospital with minor injuries.

Apparently a motorcycle and a car were heading in opposite directions when they approached an intersection just as the light was turning yellow. The car attempted a turn onto another road, and the motorcycle struck it on the front passenger side. The motorcyclist and the car’s passenger passed away. The driver of the car was injured.

After any such accident, it’s important to look into why it might have happened and whether or not it was preventable. Some of the questions to ask include the following:

  • Was any driver making a turn illegally or unsafely? For example, drivers making a left turn are obligated to keep an eye out for oncoming traffic and changing traffic signals.
  • Was anyone in violation of traffic law? This could include speeding (which police indicate might have been a factor in this recent crash) or blowing through a red light.
  • Could the drivers have been more cautious? For example, were they so eager to beat the yellow light that they sped up or took their attention away from other vehicles on the road?

When you contact experienced Indianapolis accident lawyers after an accident, they can help you answer these questions and figure out what happened.

This recent accident, which occurred in the early afternoon, is a stark reminder of how tragedy can occur in just a few moments during people’s day-to-day routines. One poor decision on the road, one miscalculation from an otherwise safe driver or motorcyclist can lead to a catastrophe. We urge you to do your best to remain cautious on the road. If you do experience an accident, don’t hesitate to call on legal assistance to help you cope with the aftermath.

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