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Hurt In Any Accident?

Accident attorneys discuss the recent massive pileup on I-94

A massive accident on I-94 in northern Indiana recently made national news, as it led to the deaths of at least three people and injuries to more than 20.

With the involvement of dozens of vehicles, this tragic accident is a pileup, a multi-vehicle collision that unfolds as a kind of chain reaction, with one vehicle hitting another, which then hits another; in this case, the pileup involved box trucks, semi-trailers, and automobiles.

Indianapolis accident lawyers respond to major wreck

What could have led to the pileup?

Some reports indicate that around the time of the crash, the weather abruptly changed from clear to a near-whiteout of falling snow, reducing visibility significantly.

In many cases, pileup crashes are caused by poor weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain, and fog, which impair visibility.  They may also be caused by slick patches of ice on the road.  The behavior of drivers also contributes to pileups, for instance when one driver brakes abruptly and other drivers pile up from behind.

The bottom line is that all it takes is a problem with one vehicle for a pileup to occur, especially in roads where cars are traveling at high speed and traffic is relatively dense.  Whether it’s a road hazard or a driver’s error, or some combination of the two, it doesn’t take much to cause these kinds of serious multi-vehicle crashes.  Even drivers who are behaving responsibly on the road may easily get caught up in them.

Crash outcomes

In addition to fatalities, these pileups usually cause injuries, ranging from severe head trauma to more minor lacerations or bruises.  People may be trapped inside their vehicles, and it may be quite difficult for emergency personnel to reach them in a timely way, given the larger number of vehicles involved.

If you’re ever in such an accident, it’s important to contact our Indianapolis accident attorneys.  You shouldn’t have to struggle alone with steep medical bills and the costs of repairing your damaged vehicle.  We can act as your advocates when you deal with insurance companies.  Also, when it’s possible that the pileup resulted in part from human negligence or recklessness, you may be able to fight for compensation from the parties responsible.  Don’t hesitate to discuss the accident and review its details with us.

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