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Indiana Worker Passes Away After Being Injured In Factory Accident

The majority of us will go to work each and every day without incident. We’ll put in our hours and go home, happy to be back with our friends or family. Employees don’t go to work thinking they’ll be injured, but as wrongful death lawyers in Indianapolis, we know that’s why they are so devastating. They often come without warning.

That certainly seems to be the case in a tragic accident that occurred at an Indiana factory last week. Brazil, IN is where Great Dane Trailers employs multiple Hoosiers, and it’s also where one lost their life. Apparently an assembly line worker was moving a trailer within the plant when he was seriously injured. The extent of his injuries weren’t detailed, but it required immediate attention from onsite medical staff.

Once emergency responders arrived, he was rushed to an Indianapolis hospital. Unfortunately, he didn’t recover from his injuries and passed away at the hospital. Great Dane is said to be working with OSHA in their investigation into the fatal accident.

They released a statement:

Great Dane management and safety officials are working actively with OSHA and plant personnel to understand the cause of this tragic event. Grief counselors will be available this week to all workers in the Brazil plant.

Hopefully the investigation will reveal exactly what happened to the worker so that the company can make sure no other employee has a similar tragic fate.

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Every worker in our state has the right to get home safe from their job. Employers are responsible for that safety, and if they are negligent in protecting their workers, they can and should be held accountable. The Indianapolis wrongful death attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office take on businesses that create dangerous situations for workers. So if you’ve been hurt on the job, put us on your side.

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