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Stores Pull Dangerous Children’s Toys

Indiana Stores Pull Dangerous Children’s Toys

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of toys that pose a threat to children in Indiana and across America. The Big Movers Super Car toy trucks were offered as gifts with the purchase of a Big Movers T-shirt at national retailer Kohl’s.

Nearly 9,000 of the toy trucks landed in stores across the country, including several stores in Indiana between February and March. The trucks were about 4 inches long, blue, with oversize tires, and a flashing yellow light on top.

According to statements, the toy’s manufacturer, Honolulu based Happy Shirts, received a report that one of the trucks caught fire after the batteries where put in. Happy Shirts also received three other reports of the toys smoldering with the batteries inserted. Fortunately no injuries were reported.

Consumers have been advised to immediately remove the batteries from the toys and contact Happy Shirts for instructions on how to return the product and get a refund.

Recall Pulls Toy From Indiana ShelvesDefective toys will always be a hazard for children, but they don’t necessarily have to malfunction to be a danger. This is especially true if the toy’s instructions and age range are mislabeled. Common injuries from dangerous toys can include choking on easy to swallow parts, suffocations, cuts, broken fingers from broken moving parts, poisoning from lead paint, or burns in cases similar to the Big Movers Super Car toy trucks.

Indiana Product Liability Lawyer

If your child has been injured by a toy due to the negligence of the manufacturer, you need experienced Indiana product liability lawyers who will fight for the safety of your kids. The Ken Nunn Law Office has a history of successfully fighting large businesses and insurance companies on behalf of their clients.

There’s no settlement that can fix the damage that your child has suffered, but it can help with the stress of medical bills and offer a sense of justice.

If your child has been hurt by a toy or children’s product, contact Ken Nunn and let him get started with your case today.

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