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Dangers and Prevention | Indiana Railroad Accident Lawyers

Indiana Railroad Accidents: Dangers and Prevention

Indiana is lovingly called the Crossroads of America as multiple major Interstates criss-cross the state. But along with being a hub for the nation’s major highways, Indiana also holds over 4,700 miles of train track and has one of the highest concentrations of railroads in the country with 90 of the its 92 counties connected by railways. Of course with such a large number of railroads in the state, the chances of an Indiana railroad accident are that much greater.

Indiana has already seen several railroad accidents including a train wreck in April where two freight trains collided in Gary and seriously injured two railroad workers. Another accident at the beginning of the year saw three trains smash into one another in northwestern Indiana, causing a massive derailment. The pileup ruptured several tanker cars, spilling diesel fuel across the rural landscape. The fuel ignited and a fire blazed out of control, leading to eight homes being evacuated.

Railroad accidents in Indiana pose a unique threat to motorists.Sometimes it’s not just trains colliding with other trains, collisions that involve trains hitting passenger cars are far more common and just as likely to end in serious injury. But what causes these accidents?

The Federal Railroad Administration has reported that over half of all railroad accidents happen at crossings that don’t have sufficient warning devices. And a lot of these crossings have poor visibility both for train conductors and passenger cars and some are poorly maintained with malfunctioning lights and crossing arms.

Other factors that can contribute to Indiana railroad accidents are mechanical errors within the train, damaged tracks, and undertrained operators.

But there are plenty of ways to stay safe around Indiana’s trains. Most obviously is to never stop on a railroad and keep at least 10 yards from the tracks while a train passes. Never assume a track isn’t in use or that trains only travel one direction on them. Also, don’t assume that railroad safety features are working – just because lights aren’t flashing doesn’t mean a train isn’t barreling toward you. And if you recognize that a train warning device isn’t working, report it.

Indiana Railroad Accident Lawyers

Railroad companies have an army of lawyers and numerous resources, so if you’ve been injured in a railroad accident you’ll need an attorney who’s not afraid to fight back against these large corporations. The Ken Nunn Law Office has over 40 years of experience settling railroad accident cases in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Lafayette and throughout Indiana.

They have their own resources to investigate and gather evidence from the scene of a train wreck to build a case and help you get the financial compensation you’re entitled to.

Don’t settle for less, if you’ve been hurt in a railroad accident let Ken Nunn’s personal injury attorneys fight to get you the money you really deserve. Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office and let them get started on your Indiana railroad accident claim today with a free case evaluation.

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