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Wife of Alzheimer’s Patient Files Claim After Nursing Home Abuse

Indiana Personal Injury: Wife of Alzheimer’s Patient Files Claim After Nursing Home Abuse

As Indiana personal injury attorneys dealing with a wide variety of injury accidents, few cases that we handle are as heartbreaking as nursing home abuse. Many of us in Indiana have a loved one in an assisted-living facility or nursing home, and we want to know that they’re receiving the care and love that they need and deserve. When they’re exploited, abused or neglected, it’s a disgusting crime.

Recently we discussed a troubling case that ended with an Alzheimer’s patient being tased by police and hospitalized. The patient’s wife had placed him in a nursing home a decade ago as his Alzheimer’s worsened and caring for him became too difficult. On Father’s Day, she was called to the hospital where she found her husband injured and in handcuffs.

Indiana Personal Injury LawyersAt the time it was speculated by police that the man was administered a drug that caused his violent outburst and led to police being called. In order to restrain the patient the police claimed they were forced to use a taser on him five times. The wife believed that both the nursing home and police failed to take the appropriate steps to protect her vulnerable husband from injury.

And now it seems as though the wife is taking action after she filed an Indiana personal injury claim on behalf of her husband and herself against both the city and police department. The suit attests that her husband suffered ‘severe pain accompanied with at least temporary physical scarring, and possible neurological damage.’ The woman is also seeking compensation for herself for the ‘extreme emotional trauma as result of seeing the manifestations of [her husband’s] injuries and in having the details of the torturous incident conveyed to her.’

Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers

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