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Were You Seriously Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident?

Whether you’re in Indianapolis, Bloomington, or anywhere in Indiana, if you’ve been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else’s careless or reckless driving, you have rights, and you deserve justice. You may be entitled to significant compensation for your medical bills, lost earnings, and physical pain and mental suffering. It’s important to have the right help in your corner to assist in your fight, and that’s why the Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office are here. Call us at 1-800-CALL-KEN for a free review of your case today!

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You have rights and you deserve compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys are here to help you fight for justice every step of the way.

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motorcycle accident with a car in IndianapolisMotorcycle accidents can be some of the most devastating accidents on the road. A motorcycle rider can have their life turned upside down due to careless drivers and face medical bills that pile up while they’re unable to work. Some people may even be facing the loss of their home, all while dealing with incredible pain from their injuries. You’re right to feel angry, betrayed, and scared, but we are ready to help.

At the Ken Nunn Law Office, our team of motorcycle wreck lawyers is ready to listen to your story. No matter where you are in Indiana, we’re here to help you fight for your rights and compensation, work for justice, and, most of all, take the stress of the fight off your shoulders so you can work on getting better.

What’s Your Case Worth?

Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Unlike people in cars, motorcyclists don’t have a roof and doors to protect them. Severe injuries from motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic and life-changing. These are some of the most common injuries our attorneys see when working with motorcycle accident clients:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can happen from a hard impact or even just a sudden stop. You can be wearing a helmet and still suffer a TBI that can change your intelligence, comprehension, and even personality.

Back and Neck Injuries

Injuries to your back and neck often involve your spinal cord, which is essential for your brain to talk to your body. This can result in the loss of feeling in your hands or feet, persistent pain, and even troubles with normal bodily functions.

Loss of Sensation or Paralysis

You may suffer an injury to your spine or to specific limbs like your arms or legs that leads to reduced function in those limbs or even to complete paralysis.

Limb Amputation

Some of the worst, most life-changing accidents involve the complete loss of a limb, either in the accident itself or during a medical procedure to save your life later.

Loss of a Loved One

If it was a loved one who was in the accident and they died as a result, you may be able to get compensation for a wrongful death.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Occur

a distracted driver on the roadMotorcycle accidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Many are similar to the reasons car accidents occur, but they can be much more severe for a motorcyclist. Some of these include:

  • Distracted drivers using cell phones or reading
  • Drivers who are fatigued or tired
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Drunk driving or driving while high
  • Ignoring street signs and signals
  • Driving too fast for road conditions
  • Poor decision-making

These are just a few of the common causes of motorcycle accidents. If you were hurt by a reckless driver, you have rights and may be entitled to significant compensation. Call our Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyers at 1-800-CALL-KEN, and let us review your case at no cost to you.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get?

While each case is different, there are a variety of types of compensation to which you may be entitled. These include:

Past and future medical costs. This can include your doctor’s office visits, medications, physical therapy, medical procedures, and even the cost of transport to and from medical offices, hospitals, and clinics.

Lost earnings and earning potential. If you’ve lost the ability to work, you may be able to get compensated for the wages you’ve lost, as well as the potential wages you may have earned in the future if your ability to work hadn’t been harmed.

Pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is a blanket term to cover all of the more subjective injuries you’ve suffered. These can include depression, mood swings, anxiety, loss of comfort, and other factors.

Loss of consortium. If you’re married and you can’t maintain a physical relationship with your spouse, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of consortium.

Were You Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you were hurt by a careless driver in Indianapolis, Bloomington, or anywhere across the state of Indiana, let us fight for the maximum compensation for your injuries.

What’s Your Case Worth?

Motorcycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Statute of Limitations?

The statute of limitations is a law at the state level that enforces a time limit for filing your lawsuit. In Indiana, you have to file your personal injury lawsuit within two years of your accident.

What Is Negligence?

Negligence is the core factor in almost every personal injury case. It means you need to prove that the other driver was acting recklessly to the point that no reasonable person would have acted that way. You then have to prove that their carelessness led to your accident, and that you got hurt as a direct result of the accident.

What Is Comparative Negligence?

Indiana uses a legal idea called “comparative negligence,” or “comparative fault.” This means that your compensation will be reduced by a percentage equal to the fault you hold. So, if you were 30% responsible, and the accident is worth $100,000, you’ll only get $70,000. Worse, if you are over 50% responsible, you may not get any compensation at all.

Why Do I Need an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Comparative negligence alone is a big reason to have one of our motorcycle accident lawyers on your side whether you’re in Indianapolis, Bloomington, or anywhere in Indiana. We know how to protect your rights, fight for justice for you, and hold the other driver responsible.

Should I Talk to the Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance adjusters are not your friends, no matter how compassionate they may seem at first. Never sign anything they give you. In fact, it’s a good idea to refuse to talk to them at all. You can always refer them to your motorcycle crash lawyer at the Ken Nunn Law Office.