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Indiana drivers among those affected by the recent Ford recall

Road safety depends not only on the behavior of drivers, but on the way our vehicles are manufactured. As seen in the case of General Motors, even a seemingly minor problem with an ignition switch can lead to fatal or injurious accidents on the road.

Now Ford has issued a recall of 435,000 vehicles, mostly from DC and 20 states, including Indiana. Most of the vehicles are 2001 to 2004 models of the Ford Escape. Their subframes are susceptible to corrosion to an extent that the vehicle’s control arm could separate; the control arm of the vehicle helps keep the tires and the steering wheel in place. As a result, the ability of drivers to steer their car may become impaired, potentially leading to a crash.

So far, one crash has been linked to this corrosion, which is more likely to occur in states that experience icy winters and use a lot of road salt; the salt corrodes metal car components. This is not the first corrosion-related recall from Ford, either; for instance, in 2011 they needed to recall hundreds of thousands of pickups because the straps that held the fuel tanks in place could corrode, causing the tanks to fall off and possibly cause a fire.

In this most recent recall, a smaller subset of cars (including Ford Fusions and C-MAXs) have a different problem: The back frames for the cars don’t meet safety standards, leading to a possible increased risk of injury during an accident.

Car manufacturers don’t always detect these problems before a serious accident occurs. Furthermore, people sometimes suffer from an accident stemming from a vehicular defect without realizing the underlying causes, at least not immediately. When you experience a vehicular crash, it’s important to do a thorough investigation into what caused it and if there was anything that also worsened the resulting injuries or damage to property.

If you’re ever in a crash, don’t hesitate to contact experienced Indianapolis accident attorneys who will carefully review the details of the accident and help you fight for compensation from any parties responsible for your misfortune.

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