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Indiana Car Accident Lawyers Give Advice To Parents Of Teen Drivers

Do you have a teen driver in your home? If your teenager already has a driver license or is getting ready to take the test, you will want to start them off right by informing them about safe driving practices and the importance of being cautious on the road.

Your teenagers have been watching you since they were children, and it is important that you continue to set good examples, especially when it comes to driving. Indiana car accident lawyers want you to practice these safe-driving habits so you can set a good example for your teen driver.

  • Always remember to buckle up. It does not matter if you only plan to drive to a nearby store, you should always wear your seat belt. Set a good example for your teens by making a commitment to wearing your seat belt.
  • Make a commitment to not use your cell phone while you are driving. Create a family rule about not using the cell phone while driving. You have to set the example by always following the rule in order to encourage your teenager to commit to the rule.
  • Do not let your teen driver have a car filled with passengers. If your teenager does not have much experience driving while multiple passengers in the car, ask your child to limit how many friends he or she has in the car. If your teenager only feels comfortable with one friend in the car, he or she should not have more passengers until the comfort level has improved. The number of teen driving accidents usually increase when there are passengers in the vehicle.
  • Remind your teen drivers about the dangers of drinking and driving, even though they will tell you they have heard it one million times.
  • Set driving restrictions, such as a certain time they are permitted to drive.

As a parent, it can be an emotional rollercoaster when your teenager starts driving. However, you can make things a little easier by adding some rules of your own for them to follow.

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