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Indiana Car Accident Claims Two Young Lives

Indiana Car Accident Claims Two Young Lives | Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyers

This past weekend a terrible tragedy occurred in Parker City. According to WISH, Indiana’s Channel 8, a Chevy Lumina collided with a train early Sunday morning. Both the Chevy’s driver as well as one passenger were teenagers, and both young lives were lost at the horrific scene.

Two Indiana teens were killed by a train in Parker City.Car accidents are an unfortunate reality on our roads and getting that phone call in the middle of the night informing us that our child has been involved in a car accident is one of the greatest fears of any parent. The truth is that car accidents can occur at any time and we must be vigilant in educating our children about road safety and ensure that they understand the risks.  They have to gain the experience necessary to operate a vehicle safely and that takes time.

Though the investigation into the actual circumstances of Sunday’s car accident in Parker City is ongoing… we are sure that no finding can provide solace to the affected families.

We cannot change what happened, but we can encourage that we all take an extra moment to be thankful for what exists in our lives right now as unforeseen circumstances can drastically alter our ‘normal’ in an instant. Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers go out to the families of this terrible accident.

Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

As an injury law firm, part of our ‘normal’ is helping families address and deal with the reality of our modern legal, medical, and insurance systems. During times of tragedy the last thing an affected family wants to do is deal with the cold, uncompassionate worlds of these systems. We here at the Ken Nunn Law Office are ready to stand by you and ensure you’re treated fairly and with compassion by all parties. If you’ve been affected by a car accident in Indianapolis, contact us today to begin a free confidential review of your case and its unique circumstances.

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