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Illegal Truck Weight Can Be Huge Problems

The maximum weight permitted becomes an issue when investigating the details of a case against a commercial truck operator.

Individuals of the standard passenger vehicle are unaware, generally, of the many state and federal regulations that pertain to proper commercial truck safety. The various regulations can affect the case of passenger car owners who become involved in accidents with a commercial truck operator. In example, the maximum weight of a load, for a commercial truck, is directly associated with the overall size of the truck. A single axle truck may carry up to twenty thousands pounds of weight. Two-axle trucks or tandem trucks may carry as much as thirty-four thousand pounds of weight. When a commercial truck driver has too much freight on board, the situation becomes risky and unsafe. A determination as to what was on-board the truck, when an accident occurs is important.

Another detail, the person involved in an accident with a commercial truck must capture, is to ascertain from his or her attorney when the truck was last checked as to its weight. Of course, an attorney knowledgeable about trucking regulations will know best what is important as to the investigative process of the accident. In any event such details are important and can affect the outcome of the case when the passenger car owner and his or her Indianapolis truck accident lawyers  are reviewing the case details against the commercial truck driver and his employer.

In order to attain the best defense and recommendations, it is advisable for the Indianapolis passenger car victim, who has sustained injuries or loss with respect to his or her accident, contact us immediatelyOur firm offers a free consultation.

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