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I Got Sick On A Cruise Ship, Should I Get A Lawyer?

Many people dream of going on a cruise. Some people decide to spend their honeymoon on a cruise ship while others may choose a cruise as a family vacation. Whatever the reason, everyone who goes on a cruise expects to have a great time. They do not expect to become ill.

If you believe your illness was caused by something on our cruise, you may have the legal right to recover compensation for your damages. However, you must act quickly to protect you right to file an injury claim. The statute of limitations for cruise ship lawsuits may be short, depending on where the injury occurred. Furthermore, you may be required to file a notice within a certain period to protect your right to file a lawsuit.

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Negligence and Liability

As with other personal injury claims, you must prove that the cruise line or one of its employees was negligent and that negligence is what caused you to become ill to hold the cruise ship liable for damages. The act does not need to be intentional to be considered negligent. Negligence is usually defined as failing to exercise reasonable care. However, not every illness onboard a cruise ship is caused by negligence.

For example, you may become ill with the flu because another passenger had the flu. The cruise line would not be liable for your illness because it is not reasonable for the cruise line to screen each passenger for contagious illnesses. However, if you contract the norovirus (stomach flu) because the cruise ship failed to practice standard sanitation procedures, you may have a claim against the cruise line.

Likewise, if you contract food poisoning because the peanut butter used to make a dessert was contaminated with salmonella, the cruise ship may not be liable unless the peanut butter was recalled and the cruise ship failed to remove it from its inventory. However, if you contract food poisoning because the temperature of the salad bar was not at or below the standard to prevent the food from spoiling, you may have a valid claim against the cruise line.

As you can see from the above examples, whether you have a valid personal injury claim against a cruise line depends on the facts of your case. It is crucial that you consult with a Bloomington injury lawyer as soon as possible after you become ill. Our attorney can conduct an independent investigation into the circumstances of your illness to determine if the cruise ship or another party is liable for your damages.

Proving Negligence

Because evidence can be destroyed or lost, it is imperative that you contact our office as quickly as possible. We must act quickly to identify and preserve the evidence required to prove the cruise ship and/or its employees were negligent in causing the condition that resulted in your illness. Without sufficient evidence, you cannot prove that the cruise ship is liable for your damages. However, do not assume that you do not have a case if you have not acted yet. It is always best to consult with a Bloomington injury lawyer to discuss your options before making any decisions regarding an injury claim.

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