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Indianapolis Car Accidents Involving Animals are a Real Threat in Our State

hit a large animal

The Indiana State Police had to shut down an Indianapolis interstate for a very interesting reason.   Apparently, a runaway horse was trotting along Interstate 74 near South Post Road last week.  It’s believed the horse escaped a fenced-in area and found itself on the interstate in the early morning hours.

The incident was put under control fairly quickly.  A metro officer actually had a rope and bridle in his trunk and was able to lead the horse back to its owner.   The horse managed to escape because the fence keeping it contained had been damaged.  As car accident lawyers in Indianapolis we know that while this incident had a good outcome, the truth is that animals pose a very serious threat on our streets and highways.

So what should you do if you hit a large animal with your car on accident?  The first thing you should do is stop the car.  If other vehicles are involved you need to stay with yours long enough to get details from all of them.  The owner of the injured animal may actually be nearby.

If you approach the injured animal, you need to be extremely cautious because the animal might be scared and could attack you.  If the animal you hit was someone’s pet, you may want to check their tags to get the details of their owner.  Hitting a large animal may require you contacting the police.  If you don’t know the animal’s owner, it should be reported within 24 hours.  The animal may also need care and police might have a list of available vets.


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Negligence on behalf of the animal owner could actually be the cause of the wreck.  That’s why after a serious auto accident you should contact the Indianapolis car accident attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office., ‘,’ Jim Scott, August 27, 2014.

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