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Guardrail Controversy: Are These “Life-Savers” More Dangerous Than We Think?

Guardrails are put into place for a very specific purpose: to keep a bad accident from becoming even worse. But what if guardrails are actually linked to deaths and serious injuries? Many believe that guardrails that are installed around Indianapolis are actually more dangerous than they are helpful, and they are even filing lawsuits to stop their installation.

The ET-Plus guardrails have been rigorously tested according to the Federal Highway Administration. According to the FHWA’s acting administrator, “Our work will not stop, the FHWA is assessing the scale and scope of in-service performance evaluation of all guardrail end terminals that will include the collection of data from future crashes of the ET-Plus and other end terminals.”

This means that guardrails that may have been linked to serious defects will continue to be manufactured. All this despite some whistleblowers raising concerns over the methods used during crash tests. According to a man who has already won a successful suit against the guardrail manufacturer, “It’s not surprising at all that (the FHWA) would continue to manipulate the process, manipulate these tests to cover up their own failures.”

Some believe design flaws within these guardrails are actually raising the risk of dismemberment when collisions occur, and multiple lawsuits have been filled by accident lawyers in Indianapolis to get compensation for those injured.

Many states have already banned the rails, but Indiana still has over 4,000 ET-Plus devices lining our highways. Petitioning continues and those that have suffered from these alleged defective devices will continue to fight to get them removed from our state.

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