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Five Items To Keep In Your Vehicle This Winter

Although we all generally want to believe getting stuck in a snow drift or sliding off the road happens to other people and not to us, the reality is, it can happen to anyone. With winter upon us, for safer travel, there are at least five things you will want to keep in your vehicle at all times.

Blankets And Warm Clothing

If you are stuck in the snow for several hours, you will want to stay warm. During the winter, keep a blanket or even blankets in your vehicle, particularly if you are traveling a considerable distance. While you can put the blanket or blankets in your trunk, you may want to keep them in you back seat or behind the driver’s seat to make sure they are a little warmer. You may also want to have extra coats, warm socks, and other warm clothing in your vehicle.  These can be especially valuable if the warm clothing you were wearing gets wet.

Well-Charge Cell Phone

While a car charger will allow you to charge your phone in the vehicle, if you experience car trouble, you may not be able to charge your phone in an emergency. With a well-charged cell phone, you can call for help, including a tow truck and, if needed, medical assistance.

Snow Shovel

While a full-sized snow shovel will fit in the bed of a truck, if you own a smaller vehicle, you will likely want a collapsible snow shovel. In an emergency, the shovel can be unfolded or pieced together to dig your vehicle out or to create a path for your tires.

First Aid Kit

Bandages, ointment, splints, and other first aid supplies can be essential to treat wounds if you are involved in a crash and unable to get medical help right away.

Flares And Flashlights

Flares, flashlights, or other forms of lighting will allow other vehicles to better see you, and if needed, they can help rescuers to find you. If you are stuck in the dark, they can also provide lighting so you can find other essentials in your vehicle.

Of course, other items such as non-perishable food, jumper cables, a tow rope, and sand or kitty litter can also make winter travel safer. Figure out what items are most essential for your specific situation and put them in your vehicle for the winter. Unfortunately, accidents do happen on icy roadways. If you were injured in an accident caused by another driver, contact us. Our Indianapolis personal injury lawyers want to help you.

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