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Fatigued Truck Drivers are Some of the Most Dangerous in Indiana

We’ve all been there.  You’ve been driving through the night, you haven’t had much sleep, and your eyes start to feel like lead.  So, what do you do when you’re sleepy behind-the-wheel?  Hopefully, you don’t try to fight through it and stay on the road, because it only takes a split second for you to be in a serious accident.  Now imagine instead of a small passenger car, that tired driver is behind the wheel of a massive big rig?  What happens when they fall asleep while driving?

Residents of Madison County found out last week, when a truck driver passed out in his tractor trailer early in the morning on Thursday.   According to the driver himself, he fell asleep and slammed into a tree at the intersection of Indiana 9 and Country Road 950 South.  The impact spilled the semi-truck’s cargo of recycled copper across nearly all lanes of highway, tying up traffic for hours.  Imagine if instead of taking place at 3:30am, the accident would have happened in the middle of the day when more vehicles were on the road.  Someone could have easily been hurt or killed.

As truck accident lawyers in Indianapolis we know that there’s a serious issue with fatigued truck drivers on our roads.  These drivers are constantly being pushed to make deliveries on tighter and tighter schedules.  This means drivers working longer hours without breaks which leads to more and more accidents like the recent truck accident near Pendleton.

Looking for an Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney?

Tired or not, falling asleep behind the wheel is negligence – plain and simple.  The fault can often be placed on truck drivers and well as the trucking companies that employ them.  However, it takes an experienced accident attorney to fight against these big companies, and the Ken Nunn Law Office has over 45 years on our side.  Contact us today to put our Indianapolis truck accident lawyers to work for you.

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