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Is It Ever Too Late for Justice After a Fatal Indianapolis Accident?

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“We just want some type of justice and some type of closure so it won’t happen again.”  That’s all that an Indiana family is asking for after losing several of their loved ones in a tragic accident.  It’s been a year since seven family members were killed.  So has too much time passed for them to get the justice they rightfully deserve? They accident occurred last August on Interstate 65 in Jasper County when a family was driving from Indianapolis to Merrillville.  The family was stopped in their vehicle because a construction zone had brought traffic to a near standstill.  Unfortunately, a semi-truck behind them didn’t slow down.  It slammed into the back of their vehicle and pinned it between another tractor trailer.  The vehicle caught fire and ultimately seven people lost their lives.  It’s an incomprehensible tragedy. The family members that weren’t involved in the accident have been left to wonder what happened to the truck driver that caused the wreck.  “Is he still driving? Is he still working?”  They believe he should be off the road and believe that criminal charges should be filed against him. A Sergeant with the Indiana State Police doesn’t believe any citations were given to the truck driver following the accident.  This was backed up by the Jasper County Prosecutor, who claims nothing criminal took place despite the fact that no skid marks were found on the road leading up to the accident. So where does this leave the family?  One thing they’ve been doing is advocating for stricter safety regulations on Indiana roads by partnering with groups like Parents Against Tired Truckers and the Truck Safety Coalition.

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Even if the criminal system hasn’t given you the justice you deserve, a wrongful death claim can still be successful.  A family that has lost someone to negligence can receive financial compensation for the death of their loved one and the Ken Nunn Law Office can help.  Find out how by contacting our Indianapolis wrongful death attorneys right away!


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