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Family Suffers Along with Child Injured in Accident

Family Suffers Along with Child Injured in Accident | Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney

On Wednesday October 10, WISHtv, one of our fine Indiana news stations, reported on a tragic car accident that has surely left a family devastated and searching for answers. It appears that a young child was struck by a passenger car in Marion County. The child had to be rushed to the hospital with what were considered serious injuries. We can’t know or understand the grief and anguish the family must be experiencing, but we’re sure it’s heart-wrenching. Our hearts go out to the family of the victim, and we pray for a swift healing process.

A child was the victim of a car accident and left with serious injuries.Having families of our own, we know that when a loved one is injured in a car accident (or for any other reason) the impact travels throughout the whole family. This is why when someone is injured we rally around them and try to be their support system.

The authorities reported that the driver of the car did stop and remained on the scene of the car accident in order to assist the injured child and answer questions. Though it is nice to hear that the police are saying the accident does not appear to be alcohol-related it does not change the fact that a child is seriously injured and that the family has most likely dropped everything else in order to be by his side.

In this case, as with any Indianapolis accident that involves severe injury or death, a comprehensive investigation will occur. The police will be doing all they can to understand what happened and why it happened.

What To Do If You or a Loved One is Injured in a Car Accident in Indianapolis

As a personal injury law firm in Indiana that is very familiar with car accidents and the resulting injuries. We also know that the insurance companies will often do their own investigation in order to limit their liability.

The process for getting an injured party and their family what they deserve is complicated and can be very confusing. A victim and their family can find themselves lost in the maze of the civil and criminal justice systems.

Car Accident Lawyers Indianapolis

That is why, we strongly believe, if you are injured or involved in a car accident in Indianapolis you should consult with an understanding, experienced, and effective car accident or personal injury attorney. Our job is to manage all aspects of the situation allowing you time to heal and support your family member. If you have any questions please contact the Ken Nunn Law Office for a free consultation.

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