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Drunk Drivers Can Take Loved One’s Lives But Not Their Memories

Drunk Drivers Can Take Loved One’s Lives But Not Their Memories | Indianapolis Wrongful Death Attorneys

Hundreds of teary-eyed mourners gathered at a high school last week. They were there to remember two retired teachers that had dedicated their lives to educating others, a husband and wife that had a positive impact on every single person that had gathered in that gymnasium. And although these educators had retired from their professions, they still had a lot of life left to experience… but a drunk driver cut that short.

The couple had moved from the Kokomo, IN area across the country to Seattle in order see the birth of their first grandchild. Fortunately they were able to witness what must have been one of the most amazing moments of their already rich lives. But tragedy would strike ten days later.

They were crossing the street, along with their daughter-in-law and new grandson, when they were ran down by a drunk driver. The teachers were killed in the accident, while the young mother and her child, were left with serious injuries. They’re recovering and are expected to be just fine, but the loss they must be feeling is immeasurable.

Two retired Indiana teachers were killed in a pedestrian accident.

The drunk driver, who is believed to have had a BAC of over three times the legal limit, is being charged with vehicular homicide. The driver may be facing jail time, and hopefully that will give the surviving family and Kokomo community some sense of closure, but no punishment will take away the overwhelming sense of loss.

A family member of the deceased couple offered a profound statement about those that choose to drink and drive. “If we can learn anything from this tragedy, it is that the choices we make daily affect the people around us. Every person must have accountability and a responsibility to their fellow citizens.”

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Losing a loved one to another’s negligence can be as frustrating as it is heartbreaking. At the Ken Nunn Law Office we don’t want you to have to feel the financial burden that follows a fatal accident. We want to fight get you the compensation you truly deserve.

If you’ve had a loved one killed in an accident and need to know what your rights are, contact us. We offer free case reviews for the families of wrongful death victims, so contact us today and let us get started on your Indianapolis wrongful death claim.

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