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Don’t Let Thanksgiving Traffic Injuries Go Unresolved

Where will you be carving the Thanksgiving Day turkey or ham this year? Will it be at home, down the street or as far away from the old homestead as possible? No doubt wherever your decision takes you, you won’t be alone for long. Millions of people are likely to be driving in your general direction and the National Safety Council‘s figures strongly indicate that more than 40,000 of them won’t make it to their final destinations without incident.

Hopefully, those that find themselves in motor vehicle accidents this Thanksgiving won’t end up with serious injuries. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has noted previously, serious injuries caused during holiday traffic accidents have deadly potential. They’ve also repeatedly emphasized that use of uncontrolled substances, prescription drugs and alcohol in combination with blatant disregard for safety equipment may compound matters exponentially.

With that said, what should you do if thanksgiving doesn’t turn out as you’ve planned? For one, it’s important to know that there are Indiana personal injury lawyers who are on call during the Thanksgiving weekend. So, reaching one after a holiday traffic accident will be easier than turning down a second helping of pumpkin pie or cranberry dressing. And that is exactly what holiday accident victims should do if they find themselves spending Thanksgiving in an emergency room or someplace worse.

Addressing serious injuries that keep victims from speaking for themselves shouldn’t be delayed until after the Thanksgiving holiday either. Contingent on the circumstances, surviving relatives may be able to start court proceedings on family members’ behalves. For example, the court frequently recognizes guardianship papers and parental bonds in the event holiday accident victims are non-communicative. To be sure, survivors should bring what legal documents they have with them to the emergency room or acute care facility as well as an Indiana personal injury lawyer’s office. For more information about what to do if Thanksgiving weekend ends in an auto accident, please contact us.

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