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DeKalb County Deputy Saved by Bystanders

DeKalb County Deputy Saved by Bystanders

Thanks to a few of Indiana’s good samaritans, a DeKalb County Deputy avoided major tragedy after a car accident Friday night. The incident occurred just before 8pm while the officer was on his way to assist Butler police, who were already responding to an emergency call of a house break-in.

He was en route along County Road 61 when his path was blocked by a train near the Steel Dynamics, Inc. plant. Not wanting to be slowed down on his way to respond to an emergency, the Deputy turned around now heading south on CR 61.

According to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department, as the officer entered the Indiana 8 and CR 59 intersection he didn’t manage to slow his cruiser enough to make the sharp left turn. He lost control, skidding through the intersection and barreling into a ditch where he smashed into a large culvert.

The Deputy’s ribs were bruised and his right ankle was shattered in the impact, leaving the officer injured and dazed inside the damaged car.

Three bystanders saw the crash and immediately rushed to help the injured officer. They quickly pulled him from the cruiser shortly before it burst into flames.

DeKalb County Deputy Pulled From Car FireIndiana Police Light and Siren Policies

There are several policies in place to make sure that when Indiana police respond to emergencies they don’t cause car accidents with civilians. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s General Order on “Emergency Operations” states, ‘When operating a police vehicle under emergency conditions, the emergency lights and sirens must be utilized.’

Police are also allowed to make ‘silent runs’ in certain situations, meaning responding to emergencies with lights but without sirens. Often this is utilized when police need to avoid alerting the criminal. However, in a silent run the officer must stop at all traffic signals and stop signs before proceeding safely. Violation of these policies can result in liability for the Police Department.

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