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Deadly Hit-And-Run: Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck By Multiple Vehicles

One of the worst offenses that can be committed on our roads is a hit-and-run. It leaves the victim without the immediate medical attention that they need, and as we’ve learned in decades of being wrongful death lawyers in Indianapolis, if it’s a fatal accident, it can also rob the surviving family of justice. That’s why at the Ken Nunn Law Office we strive to make our readers aware of the lasting affects hit-and-run accidents have on families.

Just last weekend a man was struck by a vehicle on West 56th street. The vehicle that hit him never stopped, and unfortunately, the situation got even worse. The man was struck by several more passing vehicles, none of which ever stopped.

According to a release by the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, “According to witnesses, the victim is believed to have been struck several more times, possibly, by five different vehicles. None of the striking vehicles stopped to provide aid to the victim.” The man tragically lost his life.

The story is not only heartbreaking, it’s almost unbelievable. How could so many motorists not realize what they are doing? Or if they did know, how could they be so heartless? The story might actually be unbelievable if there hadn’t been similar stories in the past.

Just last year on Indy’s Westside, a man was struck by four vehicles on 34th Street without a single vehicle stopping to help. It wasn’t until a witness saw the injured man that someone came to his aid. The Good Samaritan flagged down a passing ambulance. Unfortunately, the man’s injures were too severe and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Words can barely describe how senseless these accidents are. As Indianapolis wrongful death lawyers, we can only hope that those that so callously hit another human being without stopping will be brought to justice. With hit-and-runs sometimes that justice takes longer, but it will always be worth pursuing to give families the closure they deserve.

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