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Could your social media posts be damaging your personal injury case?

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Many people have a habit of sharing details about their life on the Internet. On social media sites ranging from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, people talk about what’s happened to them lately, sharing their stories in text or visuals. They may have personal blogs as well, where they write about their lives.

The details they share could involve a recent car accident and life in the aftermath.

If you regularly post to social media sites, blogs, or other online forums, you may be tempted to share the details of your accident and what your life is like after. Maybe you want to put a more light-hearted spin on things and entertain people. Perhaps you want to share the details to elicit sympathy or get advice. Or maybe it’s just a matter of habit; you post about everything else, so why not this?

The fact is, posting to social media could undermine your personal injury case. The following are some of the ways you could damage your settlement claim:

  • Photos or descriptions of your injuries might give the impression that they aren’t as severe as you claimed.
  • If you share certain details about your life, such as what you’re doing for work or during your time off, you might paint a picture of someone who isn’t so badly injured or isn’t struggling with certain expenses after the crash.
  • Any photos or descriptions of your vehicle might reveal details contradicting your own testimony.
  • If you brag about how much money you’ll make off the crash or post other insensitive material, your perceived integrity and trustworthiness will diminish.
  • Online comments by family, friends, and acquaintances may also present a picture of the crash and its aftermath that undermine your claims.

When you contact experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyers, be sure to mention any concerns you have with content you’ve posted to the Internet. Also mention if you’ve noticed content posted by other people involved in the accident. Anything posted to the Internet pretty much stays there; even deleting one’s posts isn’t entirely effective. So please be cautious about what you post on the Internet as it may effect your personal injury case. Feel free to consult your attorney for additional advice.

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