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Truck’s blind spots cause accidents

In the event of an accident involving a truck, it’s usually the smaller vehicle that’s worse off; compared to a truck, a car will be more likely to sustain heavy damage, with the driver and passengers facing a stronger possibility of serious injury or death.  Unfortunately, truck accidents are common, as trucks are large, relatively unwieldy on the road, and also have bigger blind spots.

Every vehicle has blind spots, an area around the vehicle that a driver can’t perceive.  In general, large trucks will have blind spots behind them and in front of them, and in some portions of the road alongside them.  The extent of the blind spots will change with the type of truck and its size.  Many automobile drivers aren’t fully aware of the scope of a truck’s blind spot.  In general, if you can’t see the truck’s mirrors and make eye contact with the driver, you’re in a blind spot.

You should try not to linger in a truck’s blind spot.  And of course you should refrain from cutting the truck off or tailgating it, as this would also increase the risk of an accident.  However, even if you drive cautiously, the risk of a blind spot accident won’t completely go away.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice about whether or not to be in a blind spot; if traffic is relatively heavy, for instance, or you have less maneuverability for other reasons, you may not be able to avoid the larger vehicle’s blind spots.  Furthermore, regardless of how much time you’ve spent driving in a truck’s blind spot, all it can take is a few seconds for a collision to occur.

In the aftermath of blind spot accidents involving trucks and automobiles, the driver of the automobile may face blame for being in the blind spot to begin with.  It’s important for the details of the accident to be reviewed carefully, to see who’s actually responsible.  Truck drivers, for instance, have to do their best to account for blind spots when they make turns, move to another lane, or maneuver in other ways on the road.  If a truck driver hasn’t taken enough care to account for the possibility of other vehicles passing through the truck’s blind spots, he or she might share at least some of the responsibility.

If you’ve experienced such an accident, discuss your situation with one of our Indianapolis accident attorneys.  When you contact us, we’ll go over all the details of the accident with you to ascertain who’s responsible.  We’ll fight for you to avoid unfair blame and receive compensation if you’re the victim of another driver’s negligence.

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