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Wrongful Death Claims: Indianapolis Lawyers Who Can Help

At Ken Nunn Law Office we want to provide you with the most current and relevant information possible for wrongful death claims.  Our law office have experienced and confident Indianapolis wrongful death lawyers that can help you through your claim.  Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions that we think will be helpful for you: What Is … Continued

Indiana Wrongful Death Cases: Five Key Facts

First, wrongful death in Indiana is defined as a case in which “the death of one is caused by the wrongful act or omission of another.” One way to look at wrongful death is as a type of personal injury case in which the injured party has died, and the estate then takes over the … Continued

Indiana Worker Passes Away After Being Injured In Factory Accident

The majority of us will go to work each and every day without incident. We’ll put in our hours and go home, happy to be back with our friends or family. Employees don’t go to work thinking they’ll be injured, but as wrongful death lawyers in Indianapolis, we know that’s why they are so devastating. … Continued

Deadly Hit-And-Run: Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck By Multiple Vehicles

One of the worst offenses that can be committed on our roads is a hit-and-run. It leaves the victim without the immediate medical attention that they need, and as we’ve learned in decades of being wrongful death lawyers in Indianapolis, if it’s a fatal accident, it can also rob the surviving family of justice. That’s … Continued

School Bus Accident Takes The Life Of Pedestrian In Perry Township

Often when we discuss bus accidents, it’s a vehicle that has negligently slammed into a school bus, injuring the children on board. It’s the reason our auto accident lawyers in Indianapolis have long been advocating for seat belts on school buses. But we also have to remember that school buses are big dangerous automobiles themselves, … Continued

Indianapolis Hit-And-Runs Leave Unanswered Questions For Survivors

Few crimes are as heartless as hit-and-run accidents. Not only are reckless drivers trying to evade the justice system, they are leaving someone at the scene of a car accident that could desperately need medical attention. As wrongful death lawyers in Indianapolis, we know that when hit-and-runs take a life, it’s that much worse for … Continued