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Indianapolis Injury Lawyers Discuss Carmel Construction Zone Crash

Carmel police are investigating a traffic accident that seriously hurt a truck driver delivering beams for an overpass that was under construction on U.S. Highway 31. The construction zone incident occurred just before midnight on July 16. Quick Response to Scene of Accident  A press release from the Carmel Fire Department stated that personnel went to … Continued

Big Trucks Make For Big Accidents

The scene of last weekend’s accident on Interstate 70 was beyond chaotic. Traffic was at a standstill, a fire raged out of control, and a life was lost. At the center of it all was a tractor trailer. As personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis, we speak a lot about the dangers of big trucks, but … Continued

Trash Truck Accident: Frequent Stops Could Lead To Frequent Wrecks

There are vehicles on our roads that have very specific purposes. Sometimes we become so familiar with these vehicles that we can almost forget they are there. Unfortunately, as accident lawyers in Indianapolis, we know that an accident can be a reminder that comes too late. Snow plows, delivery vans, and trash trucks could fall … Continued

Multiple Big Trucks Cause Major Accident On Interstate 65

Any driver that has been involved in an accident with a big truck knows how much devastation they can cause. The sheer size and weight alone means that when a semi-truck and smaller passenger vehicle collide, the smaller vehicle is going to take a lot of damage. As truck accident lawyers in Indianapolis we know … Continued