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Bird Scooters Causing Accidents And Stirring Drama Throughout Indiana

Were You Injured in an Accident with a Scooter? Our Indiana Car Accident Lawyers Can Assist You with the Legal Process Transportation has diversified throughout the years, which means people are not limited to traveling by motor vehicles, buses, or trains as in times past. People now have the option to use Bird scooters. The … Continued

The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing An Injury Lawyer

Thanks for calling my office. It is a must for you to know three of the biggest mistakes people make when they choose an injury lawyer. Mistake #1: CHOOSING A CHEAP LAWYER Choosing a cheap lawyer is a big mistake because you should focus on choosing a lawyer that will get you the best results … Continued

What Is An Insurance Adjuster’s Role For Injury Claims In Indianapolis?

When you are injured in a personal injury accident caused by another party, that party’s insurance company assigns an adjuster to your claim. This procedure is usually the same regardless of whether you are injured in a car accident, by a defective product, or a fall. But what is an insurance adjuster and what does … Continued

Getting Medical Records For Your Injury Claim

A key factor in a personal injury claim that contributes to the success of your case is through medical records. It is very important to document your injuries and your recovery. Medical records are crucial to the outcome of a personal injury claim. Therefore, getting medical records is an important step in the process of … Continued

Why You Need The Help Of An Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

When you get hurt in an accident and it isn’t your fault, your entire world gets turned upside down. You’re facing serious injuries that can take years, even a lifetime from which to recover, and you have mounting medical bills. Meanwhile, you’re unable to work and your social life has become untenable due to the … Continued

Christmas Tree Safety: What You Need To Know

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), approximately 210 homes experience a fire each year because of their Christmas trees. The fires caused by trees resulted in over $16 million in property damage each year. As you begin preparing for the holiday season, keep the following tips and suggestions in mind. Tips to Keep … Continued