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Everything You Need To Know About Bird Scooter Accidents in Indianapolis

Were You Injured in an Accident with a Scooter? Our Indiana Car Accident Lawyers Can Assist You with the Legal Process Transportation has diversified throughout the years, which means people are not limited to traveling by motor vehicles, buses, or trains as in times past. People now have the option to use Bird scooters. The … Continued

Everything You Should Know About Insurance Adjusters & Your Injury Claim

When you are injured in a personal injury accident caused by another party, that party’s insurance company assigns an adjuster to your claim. This procedure is usually the same regardless of whether you are injured in a car accident, by a defective product, or a fall. But what is an insurance adjuster and what does … Continued

Know Your Rights To Accessing Your Medical Records

A key factor in a personal injury claim that contributes to the success of your case is through medical records. It is very important to document your injuries and your recovery. Medical records are crucial to the outcome of a personal injury claim. Therefore, getting medical records is an important step in the process of … Continued

How A Medical Lien Can Impact Your Injury Settlement in Indiana

Dealing with medical bills after an accident can be frustrating and stressful. You need medical care, but you don’t have the money to pay medical bills. If you are seriously injured and out of work, paying for expensive medical treatments such as surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation may be impossible. What are you supposed to … Continued

Everything You Need To Know About The “Serious Injury” Threshold

According to state traffic statistics, 829 people died and 18,647 people were injured in traffic accidents during 2015. Medical costs, lost wages, and property damage result in billions of dollars in losses each year in the United States. In addition to the great financial losses incurred by you, the physical, mental, and emotional damages suffered … Continued

Steps You Can Take If The Insurance Company Denies Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person, Indiana personal injury laws provide a means for you to recover compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages. Examples of injuries that fall under this category of law include: Motor vehicle accidents including semi-truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, and car collisions Premises liability cases … Continued