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Have you suffered from a surgical error?

Have you or someone you love become a victim of surgical malpractice? I have a team of aggressive bad surgery lawyers and malpractice attorneys and we will fight to get you the settlement you deserve. The Ken Nunn Law Office has been standing up for the rights of injured people in our communities for more than 49 years.

Let’s face it; all surgeries come with risks – and sometimes complications happen despite the best of care. However, as a patient you place an enormous amount of trust in the doctors and other medical professionals responsible for your well-being. When you’re under anesthesia, you assume that your surgical procedure will be performed correctly and carefully. Mistakes during surgery are a violation of that trust – and the serious complications they cause are simply inexcusable.

Some of the most common factors for surgical errors include:

  • Unclean surgical tools
  • Surgery performed on the wrong organ or the wrong surgical site
  • Organ perforation
  • Anesthesiology errors

If you suffered injury from surgical malpractice, you should know that the state of Indiana has laws that determine how long malpractice victims have to file a claim. In most circumstances, you have two years from the alleged act, omission or neglect to file a legal claim, except in cases involving a minor or an injury that isn’t immediately apparent. The Indiana Medical Malpractice Act also mandates that all medical malpractice claims must be reviewed by a medical review panel before the claim can be filed in court.

When dealing with complex malpractice laws, you need the experience of knowledgeable surgical malpractice lawyers. How do you choose the right lawyers? The answer is simple — Choose the Ken Nunn Law Office. Put my experience on your side. I want nothing more than to see you and your family live normal, happy lives. I have dedicated my life to fighting for the rights of Indiana’s injured. Money can never replace the real costs of a medical error, but it can help stop the downward spiral that follows such a tragic event and it will help you while you are on the road to recovery. If you are still suffering from a surgical malpractice, I will help you find qualified doctors to treat your injuries, and I will help you process your medical bills.

When you need experienced surgical malpractice lawyers on your side, call the Ken Nunn Law Office at 1-800-CALL-KEN. We believe in returning phone calls fast! The initial consultation is free and the clock is running, so don’t delay. Call now!

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